401(k) plan


In today’s era, saving money is an extremely tough task for people to do. The cost of living is so much high, and sometimes the earnings are not up to the mark.  UPSers understands it. They believe that they should help the employees in saving some part of their money which will make their after-retirement life easy.

Thus, they have launched the UPSers 401(k) plan. Under this plan, some amount is automatically deducted from their salary and the amount is saved added to their 401(k) account. The employees will be getting that amount after they resign or after they retire.

The UPSers 401(k) plan makes sure that no employee needs to look around for anyone’s help when they retire after their job. This is one of the most incredible efforts by the UPS to make the life of the employees easy and secure after they retire.

UPSers have been the best firm for the customers and the employees. This 401(k) plan is an ideal example of the same.

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UPS believes that each and every employee has a right to live freely and without any sort of mental or physical burden. The launch of the official UPSers portal and the introduction of the 401(k) plan gives a clear idea about their thoughts.

The UPS understands that today’s savings will be working as a lifeline for the employees after they retire. Also, the employee can withdraw the amount from his 401(k) account whenever he desires.

This plan is available for all full-time and part-time employees of the UPS.

Thus, if you are a UPS employee, you should definitely register yourself on the official UPSers portal and avail of the benefits offered by this portal. Along with the 401(k) plan, there are various other services offered by this portal. You can sign up for your account at the website address www.upsers.com.


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