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UPS has introduced a unique employee portal termed as UPSers at its official website All the employees of the UPS need to register themselves on this portal so that they can check all their job-related details anytime from here.

This portal has been of great help to all the employees registering on this portal. Also, the UPSers portal has helped the management team to get rid of monitoring the employees manually. Thus, this portal has saved the precious time of both employees and the management team.

UPSers Contact Details

If any people have any queries in their mind  regarding the services of the UPS, or if they have any issues accessing the services of the UPS, they can contact us on the following contact details:

For the people residing in the United States: Visit the website or dial the telephone number 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877).


For the people residing outside the United States: Visit the website and select your region from the list of given countries.

You can also contact the UPS on the following contact numbers:

1-866-742-5877 ( Local Residents)

1-888-782-7892 ( International Residents)

UPS always strive to solve each and every issue of the customer within no time. The mental well-being of the customer is one of the most important things for UPS.

UPSers has been providing services all over the world for a good time now. They are one of the most trusted sources when it comes to delivering the parcels anywhere in the world.

They also have a wide range of customer support options in case the customer needs to contact the customer representative of the UPSers.

They are always on their feet to make sure that the mental peace of the customer is not distressed under any condition. You can always talk to them and share your issues regarding the services of the UPSers without any hesitation or doubts in your mind.